Day 76: The Latest on the Oil Spil

Posted: 06/07/2010 in environmental, events, what BP is doing

Day 76: The Latest on the Oil Spill

BP’s Costs for Oil Spill Response Pass $3 Billion

BP’s tab has climbed to just over $3 billion for work on cleaning and capping the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and for payouts to individuals, businesses and governments. The total of $3.12 billion was up from $2.65 billion a week earlier. The figure does not include a $20 billion fund for damages that BP created last month.

Weather Continues to Interrupt Cleanup

Initial tests on a supertanker adapted to skim large quantities of oily water from the gulf’s surface were inconclusive, according to the shipping company that owns the vessel. Billed as the world’s largest oil skimmer, the supertanker, named A Whale, is supposed to be able to suck up 21 million gallons of oily water a day, but stiff winds and choppy seas have made that impossible so far. Offshore oil skimming along the coasts of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida came to a stop early last week because of choppy seas stirred up by Hurricane Alex. The weather also prevented a flotilla of smaller skimmers from working.

Navy Airship Sent to Gulf

The Navy is deploying a blimp to help respond to the spill, the unified command for the spill announced Monday. The blimp, an MZ-3A airship, is capable of staying in the air for 12 hours, much longer than helicopters or airplanes, according to the unified command, and will be used to monitor oil, support skimming operations and detect wildlife that may be in distress. It is expected to arrive in the area this week.

Tar Balls Found on Texas Beaches

Tar balls have been found on Texas beaches. Jerry Patterson, the state land commissioner, said crews were removing tar balls found on the Bolivar Peninsula and on Galveston Island on Sunday.

More Federal Waters Are Closed to Fishing

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said it had expanded the gulf area closed to fishing to include parts of the oil slick that are moving beyond the closed area’s current northwestern boundary, off Louisiana. The closed area now includes 81,181 square miles, or 33.5 percent of federal waters in the gulf.

An interactive map tracking the spill and where it has made landfall, live video of the leak, a guide to online spill resources and additional updates:

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