I started this blog to share what I’ve been able to find out about BP. Why? I feel there is too much not to share about their actions & lack of action. They have murdered The Gulf, and need to be brought to justice. Plug the hole already & help us get our lives & livelihood back. It’s a sad thing that has happened, & I don’t know when we’ll be able to enjoy anything from The Gulf.

I don’t peddle my bike as much as I should, & yes I do have a SUV. I also love red meat, but after finding out about what happens behind the scenes, I’m more careful about what I put in my mouth. Cleaning products are great, but they shouldn’t be in our diet. But I also have a conscience & feel that it is my duty help out anyway that I can. So here’s the What BP Is Not Telling You blog, an collections of articles, post & information to keep you informed. Fell free to add, share or comment.

Really? A cover-up? Facts speak truth – you just have to find them

Et tu, Brute’? Say it ain’t so

Industry icon Matt Simmons became a household name during the BP oil spill crisis, partly because of his criticism of BP and their handling the worst oil spill in US history.

Simmons, 67, was found dead in his home in Maine on August 8, 2010. The medical examiner’s office is unclear about whether he had drowned in his tub after suffering a heart attack, or died from a heart attack while drowning.

Before his unexpected death, Simmons had become a whistle blower against BP and the US government. He used his oil industry and government connections to reveal information about the BP oil spill disaster that he claimed were deliberately hidden from the public.

what he exposed might have lead to his death.

where the oil is coming from

BP Coverup: A Tell of two Wells

  1. Joan says:

    Living so close to the NC coast, I am so very concerned….for all of us. How in the world are these folks going to continue feeding their families. Move? who will buy their homes?
    Stay? Where will they find employment? Yes I want to boycot BP, then I wonder..will there be any $ for the folks in trouble down on the gulf and along the atlantic coast? When is the public going to hear about ALL the toxins spewing out.

    My bottom line…only God can fix this problem.

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